Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Great Indian Din

The cacophonous nature of Indian discourse, traditionally &  contemporarily, has been highlighted as a key ingredient - and indeed as an important reason, by some - of sustaining and nurturing our democracy. "The Argumentative Indian" is quoted by the adherents of this theme.
The recent IPL happenings have certainly not dimmed our eagerness to add to the general cacophony that pervades our air-waves/news-waves. Multiply that with 50  odd Indian languages  * 1000 channels/news papers/articles/Portals/blogs/Tweets..... many tongues collectively wagging and Din has never sounded louder!
Which is not surprising, when seen that this does concern Religious Capital.
The former, we Indians have always pretended to be and the latter is what we are unabashedly going after - esp, since 1991 - the Gita's Nishkama Karma theme notwithstanding!

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